Decking Maintenance Guide

Elegro Plastic Decking Important Image

• ELEGRODECK can be cut and drilled in the same way as timber, however care should be taken to eliminate drill/saw-slip as this can mark the surface of the product.

• It is recommended that the decking boards are cut and installed at the same temperature.

• While the decking range is non-toxic and safe, adequate PPE must be worn during installation of ELEGRODECK products.


Occasionally, single Elegrodeck boards may need to be removed for access to cables or pipework below or in the event of physical damage to an area of the decking. This guide will show how a single decking board can be removed and reinstalled.

Unscrewing a Board

Using a Torx T15 screwdriver bit (ideally at least 50mm long) unscrew all of the decking clips on both sides of the pieces of decking to be removed or replaced.Take care when unscrewing if using an electric screwdriver or drill-driver, as the boards can be marked by power tools.

Elegrodeck Replacing a Decking Board Fig. 1

Lifting a Board

Using a long, sturdy and flat pry tool (ideally wood, plastic or nylon to prevent scratches) inserted into the groove of the board, pry one end of the board upwards to expose the groove. Using a second pry tool further down the board, raise the board sufficiently to allow the board to be lifted by inserting the fingertips into the groove.

Elegrodeck Replacing a Decking Board Fig. 2

Lifting a Board

When the board has been raised, an adjacent board will also lift along with the T-shaped decking clips. Raising the board will enable you to remove the decking clips and both boards to expose the void space below. Decking clips and screws should be retained as they will be required for reinstallation later.

Elegrodeck Replacing a Decking Board Fig.4

Replacing a Board

Firstly, replace the decking clips to one side of the board and loosely screw them in. They should not be fixed firmly at this stage to allow movement.Place the groove of the replacement board against these decking clips to hold it loosely in place.

Replacing a Decking Board Fig.4

Placing the Board

While lifting the unclipped adjacent board so the grooves line up, slide the T-shaped decking clips along the gulley to their appropriate fixing places on the sub-frame joists.Once these are located correctly, gently lower both decking boards together and check the positioning of the decking clips in case they have moved.

Elegrodeck Replacing a Decking Board Fig. 5

Securing the Board

Ensure that the spacing is correct between the boards and that the decking clips are located correctly on the joists.Using the Torx screwdriver bit, carefully reinsert the screws to the decking clips. Care should be taken to ensure that excessive torque is not applied to the screw to avoid stripping the holes.

Elegrodeck Replacing a Decking Board Fig. 6