Elegrodeck Fixings & Fittings

In order to install ELEGRODECK to the recommended method, you will require a number of different fixtures and fittings which are not included with the product itself. There are many variations of similar fixings available on the market which may be suitable for installing plastic wood decking, however we recommend the following ancillary items to help complete a typical installation. If you would like to substitute any of the items, we suggest you speak to us or consult an appropriately qualified engineer to ensure the suitability.

Below you can find a list of the components required in the installation of ELEGRODECK, along with their technical properties (dimensions, specification etc.) in order to help you understand how the system should be installed:

Elegrodeck Decking Clip in Grey

Decking Clip – Grey

Decking Clip - Brown

Decking Clip – Brown

Elegrodeck Edge Starter Clip

Edge Clip

Elegrodeck Decking Clip Screw in Grey

Decking Clip Screw – Grey

Decking Clip Screw - Brown

Decking Clip Screw – Brown

Elegrodeck Edge Starter Clip Screw

Edge Clip Screw

Grey Fascia board screw

Fascia Board Screw – Grey

Brown Fascia board screw

Fascia Board Screw – Brown

Elegrodeck Fixing Expansion Screw

Fixing & Expansion Screw

Steel Joining Plate

Joining Plate

Joining Plate Screw

Joining Plate Screw

Torx TX15 Drill Screwdriver Bit

Torx TX15 Drill Bit

Grey Joining Clip

Grey Joining Clip

Grey End Cap

Joining Plate Screw

Brown End Cap

Brown End Cap

Brown Joining Clip

Brown Joining Clip