Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use ELEGRODECK?

ELEGRODECK is a highly versatile and robust product which is suitable for use in almost any indoor and outdoor area. You can create decking areas, balconies, roof-top gardens or terraces, bridges, pontoons, jetties, stairs, raised flowerbeds and almost anything else you can think of!

Does ELEGRODECK require sealing or treating?

Never! ELEGRODECK is a sealed plastic product and does not contain any wood material, either dust or timber and will require no woodstain or painting throughout its entire lifespan.

Does ELEGRODECK scuff, mark or fade?

Our plastic decking boards have been manufactured to the highest quality and have both an abrasion resistance rating according to EN 14354 and a scratch resistance rating according to EN 438-2:1991. It has been tested for material fade under UV irradiation and resistance to artificial weathering under the standard EN 438-2:2005 and returned some of the best results possible.

Can I improve the non-slip during icy winter months?

By using a small amount of granulated white salt, you can help to ensure minimal ice build-up on the surface of the ELEGRODECK product. We would not recommend the use of rock salt however, as this contains clay and grit and can cause abrasion on the surface of the decking boards. The salt spread throughout winter can be removed using warm soapy water and a soft brush or sponge.

Does ELEGRODECK come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer a warranty up to 26 years on the ELEGRODECK range. For further details visit the Warranty Information page.

Is ELEGRODECK non-slip?

Absolutely. We have obtained a certified non-slip rating which conforms to DIN 51130 and you can find the test certificate in the Resources section.

Are the ELEGRODECK colours consistent?

As the decking boards are manufactured with a randomised wood-effect texture wrapping, it is always advisable to purchase all of the materials for your project at the same time. As with other flooring products and wall-coverings etc, there may be some variation in colour tone and texture. We cannot warrant against colour matching for any product in the ELEGRODECK range.

What fixings do I need for the decking boards?

We can supply proprietary fixing kits with the ELEGRODECK decking boards which will include extension plates, end clips and screw-in spacers. We will discuss your quantity requirement upon enquiry.

How much does ELEGRODECK cost?

To find our retail prices then please download our Price List. If you require a tailored quote for a specific project then please fill out the Enquiry Form and one of our specialist members of staff will get in touch.

Do you install ELEGRODECK too?

No, we only supply the decking boards and do not install. We can however assist you in finding a local installer who can offer a fitting service.

Do you have local suppliers?

No we currently do not have any local suppliers, however we do deliver all throughout the UK and Ireland. At the moment we only deal directly with our customers.

Is ELEGRODECK load bearing?

Elegrodeck is not designed to be load bearing. With maximum joist spacing at 400m the Elegrodeck can withstand a central force of 1300N (approx. 132kgf) with a 3mm sag.

What is the straightness tolerance of ELEGRODECK?

The straightness tolerance of the recycled plastic decking boards is 10mm for 3000mm length.

Within the decking planks are there any internal stresses in the extrusion that will release over time?

No. Elegrodeck does not contain any internal stresses as part of the extrusion process.

How do you clean the decking boards?

Our recycled plastic boards are very simple to clean. Using traditional cleaning methods such as jetwashing, mopping or sponging with soap gets your Elegrodeck looking back to it’s very best! We discourage the use of harsh cleaners such as bleach or solvents. We also recommend avoiding abrasive cleaning methods like scourers as these can all damage the boards.