Elegrodeck Balcony Installation
River Itchen, Southampton

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The Challenge

This case study comes from a customer of ours who received an enquiry to install a balcony. The apartment in question was located on the bank of Southampton’s River Itchen and required a product that could withstand rain, wind, cold, heat and any moisture that comes in from the sea without showing weathering or rotting in the process.

The Project

Our customer then began searching for the correct product and came across our website, after browsing our website and discovering the fantastic benefits Elegrodeck possesses, he requested a sample to show his client and compare our boards to competitors. Our Elegrodeck boards were perfect for the client as they are Weather Proof, UV Stable, Erosion Resistant (unaffected by Salt), Non-Slip, Easy to Clean and importantly for our customer Workable like Wood and Simple to Install. After comparing our Elegrodeck boards to composite decking boards the apartment owner was only going to pick our solid and fully recycled board, which unlike composite boards contains no wood or timber. Our customer then ordered 45sqm (22 Boards) of Blake Oak Elegrodeck which was delivered by pallet to the installation location.

The Outcome

As you can see from the photos above our customer began by stripping away the old decking and ensuring the foundations were secure before beginning to install the Elegrodeck. He then followed our Installation Guide and had the entire balcony installed in no time. Both our customer and their client are amazed by the outcome and they have told us how they have already recommended it to their friends and family. Elegrodeck, creating a Monaco harbour-worthy balcony by the River Itchen.

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Date Published: September 7th, 2017
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